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If you are new to Canada, we know how complicated it can be to obtain a loan in traditional banks. Therefore, thinking of you, we have designed a product that adapts to your needs.

We offer you unsecured loans (without guarantee) of up to CAD 5,000 payable in up to 2 years, in affordable monthly installments.

You can use this loan for:

  • Travel expenses
  • International remittance
  • Education expenses
  • Liquidity emergency
  • First and last rent
  • Home and car repair
  • Health expenses
  • Bills and other expenses
  • Buy an item



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You can apply with us if you:

  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Are employed and have steady income
  • Have legal status in Canada
  • Have no previous bankruptcies



We are a Canadian company founded by immigrants like you.

Since our arrival in Canada, we noticed the various difficulties that immigrants go through in accessing financial services, such as not having a credit file or having a SIN number that begins with “9”.

We also know that the immigrants are hard workers, and that they are very good payers of their obligations, which has been shown through various studies.

Finally, it is known that credit history is a fundamental pillar for economic integration in any country, and that the immigrant's history is interrupted by the mere fact of having migrated (no one takes into account the history in the country of origin).

Therefore, aware of this reality, we want to be the nexus that facilitates the path to your financial integration with Canadian society. Beyond giving you a loan and helping you build your credit history, our inspiration is to offer you recognition of the goals that you have achieved throughout your life, being your immigration to Canada just one of them.

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